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SoulFlow Journeys

Listen to your heart and you'll go far.

What Makes Us Unique

Researched & Vetted Ecotourism

We are committed to supporting local

communities and economies that utilize

eco-friendly practices

Yoga Teachers

Highly qualified guides with over 10+ years of experience in yoga, mindfulness and travel to curate practices for all levels 

Breathtaking Locations & Curated Experiences

Our team takes you off

the beaten path with authentic local experiences

True Nature Retreat - Heart Revival - August 2023
SoulFlow Journeys

True Nature Retreat - Heart Revival - August 2023


The retreat in Ecuador led by Vanessa and Meg left me feeling well rested, rejuvenated and deeply connected to community. Everything including logistic details, accommodation, food, and yoga practices was very organized and well-intentioned - I felt very safe and taken care of while in a foreign country. The retreat had a great mix of relaxation, mindfulness practices and adventure.

Olivia H.

Vanessa perfectly crafted our trip to Thailand, Bali, and Malaysia. Her level of tapping into the local favorites and hidden gems is extraordinary. Traveling with Vanessa is life changing and totally worth the investment.

Lindsay L.

Traveling with Vanessa is always a fun-filled adventure. She is great at organizing and planning. Before visiting a place for the first time, Vanessa reads and learns as much as she can about it and is fantastic at finding experiences off the beaten path. Her respect for other cultures is deep and her ability to create one heck of an adventure is unmatched!

Margaret M.

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